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[22 All In One] Year
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Product Description:
Due to the long working hours of the computer will generate a lot of temporary files, a lot of cache, too many installed files resulting in a large registry, this software can deeply clean up the computer junk

The difference between the 5 versions
A: Provide garbage cleaning function
B:Including the previous function additionally added, computer boot-up item optimization
C: including the previous function, ad blocking
D:Including the previous function additionally added, software installation purification
E: including the previous function, a key to clean up useless drivers

Shipping instructions:
After purchase will be automatically shipped, please do not rush to close the page after payment, wait a while, will automatically display the use of the key.

After-sales instructions:
If you buy this software, but do not know how to use it, please enter the Discord channel, there will be a special after-sales staff to answer for you.
If you are not satisfied with the software, you will be refunded according to the time you used it, proportionally. For example, if you bought a day's key, but you used it for 1 hour, then the transaction fee and 1/24 of the time used will be deducted, but your key will not be available for use.

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21 Sep 2022
very good
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05 Jul 2022
no feedback needed
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13 Mar 2022
Fast delivery, legit but the support was slow
We apologized if our support team kept you waiting; please understand we have lots of customers, just be patient; our response will go through within 24 hours! — - antwoord van de verkoper
Geverifieerde aankoop
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