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GTA V Online players and Weapon Modifier Day
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Here are what options are included in this tool! Online Offline all works!

  • invincible mode, semi-invincible mod, Heal, Suicide, Wanted Level(Manual Change), Never Wanted
    -NPC Control>> Running Speed, Swimming Speed, Meelee knockback multiplier, Super Jump, Explosive Pist, FAKE DEATH RADAR HIDE, No rag doll, Underwater walking. Infinite Endurance.
    -Refill current weapon Ammunition>> Autofire, Unlimited Ammo, No Diffusion, No recoil, No Bullet Change, Quick Change of ammunition
  • Bullet Modification>> Impact on people, Impact on Car, Impact on Helicopters, Weapon damage Multiplier, Weapon Range, No preheating required for Gatlin, No preheating required for Gatlin, Exploding Bullets, Incendiary Bullets, Batch Bullets, Initial Speed(change to superfast)
    -Carrier invincibility mode, Carrier Semi-invincible mode, Restoration, Explosion proof tires, safety belts, Gravity, Infinite jet, Jet Recovery Speed, Carrier properties
  • Teleportation
    Transfer to navigation point, Transport to the target point
    Move Forward, Indoor>>
    Customized Save point>>
    King of car modification in Los Santos, LS airport, Sandy Coast Airport, Thousand Year Mountain
    Battle field(30 options mod feature)>>
    Online(28 options Mod feature)>>
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